T.I. Addressed The Cost Of Activism On Social Media And Triggered Massive Debate Among Fans – See His Clip

T.I. has recently addressed the cost of activism on his social media account and managed to trigger a heated debate among his fans. Check out the clip he shared.
‘Cost of Activism Me & my brother @shaunking chopping up game bout the struggle on #ExpediTIously,’ Tip captioned his post.
Someoene said: ‘Loved this whole conversation with you, man. Let’s keep on pushing for good, Tip.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Shaun King is the truth. I appreciate all his activism and how he partners with those on the right side of justice. Keep up the good work!’
Someone else said: ‘Shaun king is a white man disguised as a black man. Never forget the government sent people to pose as allies to infiltrate our organizations and destroy us from within.’
A commenter said: ‘What’s sad is so many black ppl are afraid to speak out. They are scared to lose whatever fame they think they have achieved. And if you are afraid to speak up and protect YOUR ppl?! Who is supposed to do?! I applaud you, young brothers, for speaking up, continue to do it. Some of us are listening and appreciate your sacrifice!🖤’
Another follower posted this message: ‘You exactly right ppl who talk the most about your actions negatively have to be ignorant don’t see it any other way you help the whole culture!’
A commenter posted this: ‘Such respect to you both for the work you actually do. It’s not just talk 🙏🏾❤️’
A fan said: ‘Let’s talk youth suicide TI, we rocked Job Corp years ago and you supported our work. We are taking on youth suicide in black boys.’

In other recent news, T.I. just praised his ladies in the family. He shared a photo featuring Tiny Harris, and their three daughters and fans are happy to see this gorgeous post.

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