Olivia Jade Suggests She’s Coming Back To YouTube Soon Following Her Mother Lori Loughlin’s Release From Prison!

It sounds like the YouTuber’s subscribers might get to see her back on the platform sooner rather than later! Olivia Jade hinted at this only a day after her actress mother was released from prison.
Lori Loughlin has already served her prison sentence for her involvement in the biggest college entrance fraud case and now, her influencer daughter might be trying to get back to her normal life after the scandal!
Olivia Jade took to her TikTok account to post a clip in which she was showing off her makeup and in the caption, she hinted at her YouTube return.
‘Like this if I should bring back my #vlogzzzz. Also tried to show you guys this natural makeup look (I can do a tutorial if anybody wants) Kk bye ily,’ she wrote alongside the video.
Then, one fan commented: ‘Please post again on YouTube I love watching your videos!!!’ prompting Olivia to respond and admit that she would love to come back: ‘OK. I will. I guess I’ll come back to YouTube. What? Ah!’

@oliviajadeglike this if i should bring back my #vlogzzzzz also tried to show u guys this natural makeup look (i can do a tutorial if anyone wants) Kk bye😄🤎 ily♬ iM sO sHyyyy yy IG reyannamariaa – chunkymonkeeyy

It sounds pretty official and she also seems quite excited for this comeback!
As mentioned before, this good news for her followers comes only one day after her mother, Lori Loughlin, was released from jail, where she served for about a month.
The admissions scandal was dubbed as ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ and involved a number of people, including a couple of other public people, such as Felicity Huffman, best known for her role in Desperate Housewives.
Jade’s TikTok also comes after she appeared on Red Table Talk where she opened up about the experience of having her parents involved in the scandal.

About first finding out, she recalled that ‘I just remember getting a call: ‘Hey Liv, have you talked to your mom?’ And I was like, ‘No. Why?’ And they were like, ‘I will let you talk to her and call me back.’ I was like, ‘I’m just gonna search my mom’s name and then it is everywhere.’

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