KUWTK: Kendall Jenner’s Pout Looks A Lot Like Her Sister Kylie’s In New Video – Did She Get Them Done As Well?

Is Kendall Jenner following her youngest sister’s example and enlarging her lips as well? The supermodel is usually known as the only Kar-Jenner sister that is still mostly, if not entirely, natural but in her latest post, Kendall’s pout looked much more voluminous than usual!
The clip that she posted on her platform of choice grabbed her followers’ attention and many started to speculate about he pillowy lips.
The clip she shared was taken in Aspen, and so, some joked that her lips might have gotten plumper because of the high altitude!
Or maybe she got them injected before jetting off to the destination?
Either way, Kendall looked great in a white sweater, her makeup being applied perfectly as well.
However, it seems like the mystery of her bigger lips was quickly solved since some fans noticed that one corner of her lower lip looked smaller than the other.
What this means is that she must have been using a filter!
Another way in which her lips might have gotten a bit more noticeable could be contouring!
And since her sister, Kylie came along for the Aspen trip, it’s possible she was the one who applied Kendall’s makeup, using some of her techniques, which would explain why the supermodel’s lips resembled the ones of her younger sister more than her own this time around.

No matter the explanation, at the end of the day, it’s her life so she can do whatever she wants – hopefully, she will not lie about it and promote unrealistic beauty expectations, at least.

The Jenner sisters jetted off to Aspen on December 29 and have been having the time of their lives there this holiday season, enjoying the ski slopes.

Fans are also looking forward to seeing how they’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve since it’s right around the corner!

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