Is Hailey Bieber Pregnant? Here’s Why People Think Justin Bieber Is About To Be A Dad

Is Hailey Bieber pregnant? Many people are freaking out over a photo that Justin Bieber shared on his official Instagram account. The photo featured Justin embracing Hailey in his arms while the two kissed. It was his comment, however; that made many fans believe he was subtly making a pregnancy announcement! In the caption that Justin included, he stated something that made many people question if he was referring to a baby. First, Justin spoke about being happy with Hailey and referred to spending time with her as ‘nights he only could have dreamed of.’
It was in the next sentence where he mentioned the word ‘crib’ that led some to believe he was saying Hailey was pregnant.
Justin stated the following: ‘If you were at my crib last night you know what I’m talking about.’ Here is the caption that Justin Bieber shared on his official Instagram account.
These are nights i only could have dreamed of. If you were at my crib last night you know what I’m talking about 📷: @rorykramer
Since the Coronavirus pandemic is underway and Justin couldn’t be referring to hosting large parties at his house, many think that Hailey revealed she is pregnant and he is referring to getting the good news.
Here is the photo that Justin Bieber shared with his 156 million Instagram followers.

Source: Justin Bieber/Instagram
There’s no doubt that Justin Bieber is head-over-heels in love with his wife of two years. He frequently gushes about Hailey on his social media pages, including this message that he posted about Hailey on Christmas.
What a way to spend Christmas night with the absolute love of my whole existence. Obsessed with you so much it actually hurts lol.
Justin has stated repeatedly that he can’t wait to become a father, but he also said that he respects Hailey’s decision not to have children until she is ready.
Has that day come? Is Hailey Bieber ready to have a family? Is she pregnant?

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