Diddy Celebrated The Birthday Of His Mother – Check Out The Video He Dropped To Mark The Event

Diddy is celebrating the birthday of his mom and he made sure to mark the event on social media as well. Check out the post that he shared here.
‘happy new year from me and #mamcombs let dance!!! LOVE!!!’ Diddy captioned his post.
Someone said: ‘Beautiful, honour thy mother…..❤️’ and another follower posted this: ‘Mama Combs is fabulous! I told my own mom last week that I’m going to be just like her when I’m older. #inspirational.’

Another follower said: ‘You only get One…Mama❤️Truly Amazing!! May God continue to bless you both with more love, life, health & happiness. 🙏🏼👑👑🥂 #blessings.’
Someone else posted this: ‘Gwarn Diddy ah momma love made you strong 💯🖤’and a commenter posted this: ‘Aww look at me and my son in the future. 😩🥳🥂.’
Another follower said: ‘needed this keep spreading love like confetti #letsdance ❤️ you guys rock 👌🏾 @diddy.’
Somoene else posted: ‘mamma combs rock god bless yall and happy new year diddy you inspire us 🖤’
A commenter said: ‘Happy New Years 🥳 If it wasn’t for #Mamacombs Fabulousness where would we all be ❤️’ and a follower posted this: ‘@diddy I wish you a happy and successful new year ☝💙.’
A follower posted this: ‘This is absolutely beautiful! May God continue to bless you and your family.’
In other news, not too long ago, Diddy shared a motivational message for his fans out there on social media. Check out his words that had a lot of people praising him.
‘One of the secrets to happiness,’ Diddy posted.
Also, in other news, Diddy is one of the many celebrities who celebrated Teyana Taylor’s birthday with a post on social media.
Check out the clip that he shared in order to mark the event.

Diddy is living his best life with his family, and fans are happy for him.

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