Cynthia Bailey Fires Back At Wendy Williams After The Talk Show Host Suggested Her Daughter Came Out On RHOA For A Storyline!

While on the latest episode of Wendy Williams‘ talk show, Cynthia Bailey revealed the reason why her daughter came out on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. As you might know, Noelle identifies as sexually fluid and Wendy had some thoughts on this reveal that Cynthia was not too happy about.
It all started earlier today when Cynthia called in on the show to clap back at the host for suggesting the 21 year old came out on RHOA just because her mom was in need of a more interesting storyline ‘than the happy married lady.’
Cynthia argued that ‘Noelle is not a Housewife…she doesn’t actually have to share her life with you guys. The reason I really wanted Noelle to tell her story on the show’s because as a reality star family, if we do not talk about it on the show and people find out about it, they feel like we are hiding it. I did not want Noelle to feel ashamed and embarrassed or to have to hide her truth.’
Cynthia went on to explain that she was afraid someone would take a pic of Noelle just ‘walking around holding hands with a girl,’ which would then land on social media and spark controversy.
Instead, she wanted her daughter to be in control of her own narrative: ‘I wanted her to tell her own story. It was not for my storyline. It was because she just needed to get in front.’

This comes after Noelle opened up about her sexuality on an episode of RHOA back in November, telling her mom how she feels.
The 21 year old put in, in very simple terms, that without putting any labels on it, the way she likes to think about it is – ‘There’s a lot of attractive guys, and there’s a lot of attractive girls.’

At the time, Wendy Williams even praises Cynthia for being so understanding and accepting.

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