Cynthia Bailey And Eva Marcille Look Amazing With Their Husbands On Vacay – Check Out The Couples Together

Cynthia Bailey shared a photo featuring herself, Mike Hill, Eva Marcille and Mike Sterling. Fans praise the gorgeous couples in the comments.
A follower said: ‘Good times. Great people!!! @miketsterling @evamarcille,’ and somoene else posted this: ‘Cynthia you’re looking like Noel in this picture.’

Someone else said: ‘People from ATL don’t believe n Mask n Social Distance.’
A commenter posted this: ‘Covid How did you all work with it and not bring it home to expose us?’ and a commenter said: ‘What happened to Cynthia? 😱 Yikes!’
Someone else said: ‘Cmon thigh action 😫😍 love this photo and the people in it ✨🖤✨black love,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Cynthia, you look really young in this pic.’
A follower said: ‘What is with women popping their legs like horses? You look beautiful you don’t need to pop your leg like that it looks weird.’
Someone else said: ‘You need your own reality show 🔥🔥❤️@cynthiabailey @evamarcelle,’ and somoene else posted this: ‘Y’all should do a spin-off show! Supermodels Cynt and Eva plus the Mikes lol.’
A follower said: ‘“Mikes and Models” great idea for a fundraiser even idea. Everyone wear your favourite “Mike”. Or even for a modelling kids fundraiser event. Have the kids wear their fave mike and model it. Donate the money to charity @cynthiabailey @evamarcille.’
Someone else posted this: ‘@cynthiabailey looks just like Noel on this picture or should I say Noel looks like you? Gorgeous pic”
It’s been already revealed that Cynthia Bailey showed off her figure on the beach, while on vacay. Check out the pics that Mike Hill‘s wife dropped on her social media account.
The couples are definitely having the best time on their vacay together. Stay tuned for more pics and clips!

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