Chris Rock Opens Up About Attending 7 Hours Of Weekly Therapy Sessions With Two Different Therapists – Here’s What He’s Learned!

The actor made sure to seek help with his mental health amid the quarantine and now, he is opening up about the results of attending no less than seven hours of therapy every single week! Here’s what he had to say!
Chris Rock, just like many others out there, struggled a lot during this pandemic that took over the world this year.
But, instead of giving up and just letting things get worse mentally, Rock decided to undergo therapy with two different shrinks, for a total of seven hours weekly!
This is something the comedian revealed back in September during an interview for the Hollywood Reporter.
Now, he went into more detail, opening up about the experience and benefits while chatting with Gayle King for CBS Sunday Morning.
In reality, Rock was already someone who went to therapy because of all of its benefits but when COVID-19 came and changed everyone’s lifestyles and even put them and loved ones in danger, the comedian and actor chose to increase the frequency of his visits to the therapist.
During the new interview, he discussed what he’d learned from the sessions, saying that ‘I learned I could be really hard on myself. Like really, really hard on myself, and I just need to relax. And need to listen, I need to take chances.’
Furthermore, Rock also told the host that he’d worked on himself during the quarantine in other ways too, including learning how to swim!
The celeb mentioned that it’s really important to be ready to share the worst of you in therapy: ‘Sometimes I was not kind, and sometimes I was not listening, sometimes I was selfish. And sometimes, I took advantage of circumstances, and positions, of, just everyday things. And you know, it is ultimately, who do you want to be?’

For more on what he had to say, check out the interview in its entirety!

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